Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fashion Fair PDX Article on Shell's Jewel's and the Devonation Fashion show.

Shell’s Jewels featured at ‘Devonation’

When Shelley Loring designer of Shell’s Jewels heard about Devon Yan Berrong’s show ‘Devonation’ she took it upon herself to ask if he had a jewelry designer for the show, when he said no she jumped on the opportunity to make one of a kind pieces to accent his collection. With 7 years of experience and a love for all things jeweled, Loring began to design the perfect accessories in black and white for Saturday’s show at Candy.

Sexy Back Necklace (here) Wrapped Twice to Hang in Front

Loring had two main pieces for the show that she wanted to stand out as the ‘Devonation’ line walked the runway. First she designed a sexy back necklace adorned with crystals on a black chain that cascades down the back of the model. A first for Loring, highlighting someone’s back instead of front, but this necklace says sex and style as it hangs down the neckline. The back necklace is also reversible and can be worn in the front as a double chain if you, for instance, have a design on the back of your outfit.

Array Chain Necklace

The second main piece Loring designed for Yan Berrong’s collection is a waterfall necklace. An array of descending metal chain that starts smaller at the ends and grows longer in the middle. The necklace highlights a woman’s cleavage perfectly. Made with silver, gray and black chain this necklace will sure be a favorite of the night.

For ‘Devonation’ Loring mixed feminine and hard to create wonderful jewelry for the show. Her use of chain, metals, crystals and beads in colors of black, white and cream will accentuate the clothes perfectly. She has made beautiful bracelets with Brazilian banded agate and beautiful ‘S’ curved swan like metal, crystal and black earrings, just to highlight a few pieces. She will be showcasing her jewelry at the end of the show for viewers to look at and to be purchased.

Loring also makes custom jewelry for her customers and has done amazing rebuild work with jewelry once owned by the late Jimi Hendrix. She works with all types of beads, stones and metals and is not afraid of a challenge. Loring also makes men’s jewelry and has worked with leather and wood. You can find her work at Local Discoveries on Alberta or check it out at the ‘Devonation’ show at Candy on Saturday.

Written by: Ashley McLaughlin

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