Sunday, October 23, 2011

Buy Local for the Holidays and Support an artist....

Hello all,

It has been some time since I have posted and alot has been happening in my world, Work, Market, helping out with various things and lastly moving, <--- this one sucked big time.

As we move in to the Holidays us artists generally ramp up and look to see what we can do to make our selves unique and special for branding, with these times holding Occupy messages all the more help for us as they are pushing the Buy Local message.

2 years ago this month a great friend opened a store to give herself income and get out of the corporate world allowing many of us local artists to OCCUPY her lovely space with our wares all lovingly handmade, I have since made it my goal to purchase my Holiday goodies for friends and family from this location making lovely gift baskets out of candles, Handblown glass ornaments, soaps, carmel corn, Local coffee, Handmade Coffee Cups from a lovely local potter jewelry and more.

I would invite you to do so as well, for 1) its unique, 2) handmade, and 3) Local, Nuff said here is the place to shop in PDX, PS, You can find my Lovely (Shell's Jewel's) there as well.

Our 2 year anniversary is November 11th!

watch for an update on our holiday party and anniversary with gifts with purchase as well.

On Facebook:

Local Discoveries
1627 NE Alberta Street
Portland Oregon 97211

Daily 11-7pm

Thanks Shelley And Thanks to Julie for making it all possible...

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