Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rock The runway 5 - PDX

A Hot Rockin Runway that's what it was August 14th, 2010 at The Benson Hotel in Portland Oregon,

The Event: Rock The Runway 5,

A great group of people put on this show each year including Tod Foulk and Lidia Covaci, and this year the Emcee Jerimiah Stroup, Semper Fashion and Paul Mitchell, Play a part in helping to coordinate and adorn the models whom looked so sleek and cheeky!

Wonderful people abounded in the hotest room at the Benson that night, mixing and mingling and listening to the two fabulous ROCKIN bands that played.
Designers in clothing, Hats, and Jewelry abounded, as well as many Local Vendors were on hand in the foyer to purchase rockin goods on site!

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Written By: Lindsay Wilson

Rock The Runways 5.0 from HatchbackMedia on Vimeo.


  1. Your title says Shell's Jewels: Rock the runway... The picture used is a picture of Urban Girl NW swimwear and Nora Catherine Jewelry. Thought you might like to know who's designs you are posting on your blog.

  2. Nora, Shell's Jewel's is me shelley Loring and I had jewelry in the show as well..(not listed in the program) remember we had this discussion.. If you notice i did not list any specific designers in the post at all. Nor did i even mention that my own jewelry was in the show, I merely liked the photo and model and wanted to show a great shot of what people missed. The top photo I included because it had myself in it. No evilness amiss here just a simple post and by the way I think The swimsuit by (Urban Girl NW and the jewelry by Nora Catherine was amazing on the model Amanda).