Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Local Discoveries in PDX Portland, Oregon

Good Karma Good Energy,

My energy for much of this whole last week and weekend has been and is focused much around a new store on Alberta called "Local Discoveries", as I am a marketer at heart as well as a jewelry designer (shells jewels, hmmm no vested interest there) and retailer at the store, I hold it dear.

This brand new store as of end of November has stirred up a buzz it seams, with two articles already written since opening and three on the way?, one from the Oregonian themselves who called just a few days ago!

What we are; (Local Discoveries) A group of like minded local artists bringing to the neighborhood and surrounding Portland area great things that are HANDMADE and LOCAL, some of the items in the store are re-purposed meaning that the materials for some of the purses, jewelry, aprons and a few other goodies have been saved from landfill death and made into beautiful new items people can use.

We have Pottery, 4 Jewelry artists, crocheted hats (some by youngsters), scarfs and bottle covers, notebooks with great glass pens, Leather and upholstered purses, Handmade birdhouses, Carmel corn and Garlic pretzels, wrap skirts, potholders and scrubbies, dehydrated mushrooms for soups, aprons, cards, artwork and pillows, wooden handmade toys, tons of glass pendants to be strung by us or you, 66 scents in goats milk soaps, candles, lotions and now Bath fizzies!

Our approach is to be a venue for local talent to bring forth their product to the retail world in such a format that is unique, interesting and reasonable to vend (we all know a consignment can charge 50 to 60 percent, what this does is causes a vendor to raise there prices so high the average person cant afford the items (thus the botique). We want to keep it real and homey and friendly, not stuffy not pretentious!

Various artists are in the store on a daily basis creating or bringing new things!

The store is ever evolving on a daily basis so pop in often as not to miss new things!

local Discoveries LLC,
1627 NE Alberta street,
Portland, Oregon 97211

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  1. Wow. Sounds great. I will definitely have to stop by the store. Are you looking for any new artist/vendors at this time?