Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recent Custom work.. Really Gratifying,

Egyptian Scarab focal with vintage glass beads and Turquoise.

Jimmy Hendrix African Trading Beads and coconut,

Wow, is all I have to say about these two pieces. I have been blessed to have a great customer with some really cool pieces and ideas for custom finished pieces he can actually wear with pride.

The Scarab was a gift to my customer years ago and came together nicely with some vintage glass beads he bought in Carmel in the 70's add some turquoise and voila!! he calls this a piece of art.

The Jimmy Hendrix beads on kthe second necklace are another story alltogether, they invloved my customer being in the recording studio in 1967, Jimmy Hendrix was recording that day and had fallen and bumped his head, My customer has a picture with the said Hendrix and bandaged head from the studio that day...

Well I guess maybe Hendrix needed to relax after the fall? so he traded his necklace to my customer for something green and relaxing LOL. The beads I removed from the original necklace are the 5 larger beads which were then added to from some newly found also old smaller African trading beads, Coconut disks were placed in between and now there is a great flow to the piece.

I love working on vintage and antique pieces for my customers!!

Thanks for reading



  1. It must be very gratifying to make custom work for someone that's just so suited to them, incorporating components with personal significance.
    Beautiful work!

  2. Thanks its been fun! I also made another piece for his female cousin that was orange and had hand carved wood elephants hanging down. Turned out great

  3. The Jimmy Hendrix necklace looks awesome! I remember you showing the beads to me at the Park Rose Farmers Market last August.