Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last Thursday on Alberta Tonight 6/25/2009

Welcome to my first blog, from Shell's Jewel's,,

Yada, Yada, hope I can bring many more informative topics regarding artists, selling art, venues to sell at, Jewelry making, selling at a Farmers Market and so on.

OK, Here goes since everyone else in the world is Blogging, I might as well dig in and add my two cents.

The first topic I chose is an event I am doing this evening (rain permitting). This is Portland you know.

Last Thursday on Alberta,
(every last thursday of the month in Portland oregon 5-10pm)

I will discuss this from a Vendor's point of view, the first thing I want to say is WOW, this event is literally off the hook!! My Favorite monthly event..

(Later we will discuss my favorite weekly event- Parkrose farmers market)

This event is free to artists who come down and set up there handmade wares. The crowds tend to be near 10,000 people and there is food music and art everywhere in about a 12 block radius of the Alberta Street from like 18 th to 30 th. The event goes from 5-10pm and is flooded into the street (when the street closes) from 7-10. artists line the sidewalks in an attempt to show what they recently have created.

YOU WILL SEE EVERYTHING here... from fire jugglers to stick walkers Bicycles of every shape and size,

The People: this is another WOW hippies, artists, yuppies, kids, grunge, old, young, rich, poor, families, every ethnicity, you name it lots of college aged people and drinking buddies as well.

Generally there is amplified music on every corner which will not be allowed this month, This is great for me since last month lookers at the artists work made several comments at the corner of 25th about how bothersome the crooning music was at our corner!! kind of a waaaaaaah waaaah fog horn sound and way too loud!! this discouraged alot of people from shopping and kept them moving down the street unfortunate for vendors as a few (vendors) left since it was so annoying. (this with police asking them to turn it down on the hour).. that is my only complaint and should be rectified this week with no amplification being allowed. I love music but i have a limit when it affects sales LOL.

I am attaching a picture of my set up at 25th so you can find me if you want to say hello tonight!!

Also below are a couple of links to comments on Last thursday on Alberta for further viewing entertainment!

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Thanks for reading shelley

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